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After hearing intended use of the product under consideration. We will propose the most suitable type of leather.
We will propose the most suitable type of leather.
technical questions and Characteristics of kangaroo leather, Please don't hesitate contact us.

Feedback with your representative

Determine more detailed specifications for products.
Colour along with texture,thickness etc will also be determined through customer feedback.

Sample production

Leather samples can be made to order.
Lleather samples can be manufactured in several ways.

Sample check

Wecan assist with order specifications regarding samples.

Quantity / Order

Please confirm, and order a delivery date schedule, delivered ground, and the inducing ground, etc.


On the spot checks can be made on delivery of the product. and we can deliver the leather according to our customers needs.
and our leather to the necessary destination according to customers needs.

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You can order 24 hours through the internet!
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