Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is kangaroo leather?

It is twicw as strong as cow leather.
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Does kangaroo leather have scratches on the surface?

The scars on kangaroo leathers are proof that they are living in the Australian wild.
You can enjoy the light weight and supple feel of kangaroo skin which is produced in limited amounts under the control of the Australian government.

How do you look after kangaroo leather?

  • In order to remove stains、Please use stain remover suitable for use with suede and then use a brush.
  • Please do not use benzine or alcohol under any circumstances.
  • Please use a low temperature iron from the top of the cloth.
  • A humid environment is bad for leather,So please keep in a dark, well ventilated place.
  • Please use a specialist dry cleaner when washing.

Please explain about the colour fading of kangaroo leather.

The colour of Kangaroo leather fades naturally in the same way as other leather.
please enjoy the change in texture and feeling after prolonged use.

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