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Kangaroo Leather Shoes

Kangaroo leather shoes loved by first class football players

Kangaroo leather football shoes

Most of the first class football players are wearing kangaroo leather shoes.
Not only it's durability for protecting feet, but also suppleness and lightness are loved by football players who require sensitive ball control.

Light weight and soft texture kangaroo shoes

Kangaroo leather shoes

Lightness and softness are essencial elements for high class shoes.

Kangaroo leather jackets

Soft and light kangaroo leather can be processed to the thickness of 0.25mm.
Comparing with general leather materials, kangaroo leather is thin, soft and light while it maintains strength.

Kangaroo leather Bag・Wallet

Lightness and durability are the secret of favorite.


Kangaroo leather with lightness and durability together is suitable for bags and wallets.
It's lightness has a good reputation for practical business use.

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